How To successfully integrate a New Application software into your Business

The world of software is vast and ever evolving. As a result, there is always a need to explore new and innovative ways of delivering software solutions. The most effective ways of integrating an existing application into the company’s overall business strategy can help businesses succeed in this transformation process.The adoption of new technology andPLANSIMULATION OF NEW APPLICATION solution into the business strategy should be planned with care so as not to lead to irrelevance. In order to make sure that your new application is properly integrated into your business strategy, you have to consider some important factors such as:-

The type of business that integrates the software-

This decision will greatly depend on the type of business that you are integrating with. The more specific your plan, the more likely it will be successful. The type of company that integrates with a software solution should reflect the following characteristics:- – a) An organization with a primary purpose of selling or investing in products or services that use the software- – b) An organization that is actively building and selling products/services that use the software- – c) An organization that uses the software for internal use only – d) A business that owns a hardware or software business that uses the software for internal use- – e) A business that is a joint stock company or a partnership – f) An organization that holds a majority stake in the company that uses the software- – g) An organization that uses a version control system (VCS) to manage the software. – h) An organization that uses tools that facilitate automated and continuous integration-

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